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JB Premium Stock Market Price DATA

For USA and ASX Markets  includes FREE Stock Charting Program
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Dear trader or investor,

Are you searching to save your time with top quality, reliable end-of-day stock and ETF price data:

  • For your existing software program (e.g. Metastock, Super Charts, Trade Station, Market Analyst, etc)


  • To get started? 


JB Premium Stock Market Price Data is now available for these Markets: 

  • U.S. Stock Exchanges (AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC-BB)

  • Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) stocks

  • Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) derivatives

  • World Indices (FREE with a subscription to any of the above exchanges)  

 Plus, you automatically receive a  powerfully effective, yet simple-to-use FREE stock charting program  

We also invite you take a 3 week FREE TRIAL of the Data and Free in-built stock charting program (see 4. below).

Please Note: JB Premium Stock Price Data will essentially work on any “full” version of Windows from Vista on, so it will run on laptops and tablets that run Win8 (incl the Surface Pro). It will not run on the basic Surface tablet that runs WinRT (the cut-down version of Windows). Also, JB Premium Data will not work on phones or tablets, be they iPads, iPhones or Android devices. However, you can run JB Premium Data on a Mac through the medium of Windows emulation software or a virtual machine (such as VMware). 


 "Why Pay for Stock Market Data?" 

There's plenty of free stock and ETF price data available on the Internet. 

However, in order to keep the data fully maintained for corporate actions (delistings, splits, consolidations, dilutions, merges, code changes, name changes, deferred settlement history merges, capital returns), you will need to spend several hours each month tweaking your database.

Ask yourself - do you want to be a trader ....... or a database manager?

We invite you to do your comparison and make your own decision.   


10 Reasons for You to Use JB Premium Data

1. Accurate, Reliable and Best Quality Stock Price Data

JB Premium Data is provided by Norgate Investor Services who began as a consulting firm to the Futures industry in 1992 . They released their Futures Data service in 1999 and have supplied quality and reliable Stock Market Data since 2001. 

Norgate is a well established licensed Data Vendor with systems in place to : 

  • Maintain a high degree of data integrity and accuracy and 
  • Provide excellent formatting

Premium Data, handles all maintenance activities, automatically, as part of their database maintenance: 

  • Prices are adjusted for changes to a company's capital base (such as stock splits, bonus issues, consolidations and rights issues) 
  • De-listed securities are moved from the main database into a "De-listed Securities" folder  
  • Securities that have undergone a name or code change are refreshed to reflect the new name or code
  • New securities that have been added to the database are assigned their full names.  
  • Also includes data for Industry Group (Sectors)

2. Easy To Set Up and Update 

 JB Premium Stock Price Data : 

  •  Is very easy to install and run - saving you time and effort 
  •  Once you’re set up, simply connect to the Internet and click the “update” button 
  •  Update whenever you like and as often as you like 
  •  Includes a one-click database back-up /restore facility, to help you easily in the important task of keeping valuable data on your computer safely backed-up.
  •  Automatically infills intervening periods after you return from holiday  

3. Which Stock Charting Programs are Supported?

If you are getting startedyour data subscription includes a FREE powerfully effective and simple-to-use stock charting program (see 4. below).

Or, if you already have charting software, then the database for JB Stock Market Price Data is held in Y2K compliant MetaStock™/ Computrac format.

Nearly all well-known charting and analysis software packages will read this format including:

  • MetaStock ™ (Ver. 6.52 to V11 and Version 15 on only*) and other MetaStock™/ Computrac format compatible programs, e.g.:
  • Amibroker
  • Advanced GET (MSFL option)
  • Bullcharts
  • FChartsSE & FChartsPro
  • Omnitrader (ver. 4 and above)
  • Market Analyst
  • SuperCharts
  • Wealth-Lab Developer
  • TradeStation 2000i (compatible with the ASX stock data, Futures Data and Forex data but not the US stock data. Contact Us before ordering)

 * Important notice for MetaStock™ users !
Versions 12 -14  of the MetaStock™ charting program for end-of-day data could only read data from Reuters DataLink™.  Those Versions were unable  to read "Local Data" supplied by independent data vendors such as JB Premium Data.

Since Nov 2016, Metastock Versions 15  and 16 will now read local data such as JB Premium Data.


4) JB Stock Price Data Includes FREE Charting Software

 If you already own compatible charting program then continue using it & make your data selection below. 


If you are getting started or do not have any charting software, then use the FREE powerfully effective & simple-to-use charting program, which is included with your JB Premium Data subscription, to:

  1. Draw trendlines, support and resistance lines
  2. Easily switch between daily and weekly charts
  3. Plot these commonly used indicators:
  • Volume
  • Moving Average
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Parabolic SAR
  • Linear Regression Indicator
  • MACD Oscillator
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Stochastic Oscillator
  • Williams %R
  • Momentum Oscillator
  • Average True Range
  • On Balance Volume (OBV)
  • Directional Movement


(Please note: Jim' Berg's unique JB Volatility Indicators are NOT included in the free program.

However they ARE included as part of  our JB Premium Charts +Data package )


 To view Jim Berg's FREE Video Podcasts on how to download and use the Free Charting program which comes with JB Premium Data and to start your FREE 3 Week TRIAL  Click Here ==>

5. Chart World Indices

Your Data Subscription includes Free access to these World Indices - so you can compare market trends.

For more examples Click Here


6. No More Time-Consuming A-Z folders


Rather, from today you will be able to configure for one large equity folder and save your valuable time.


For instance, you can create a custom folder that holds only mining stocks, or only those stocks in a certain index, such as the S&P/ASX 200 or NASDAQ 100.

Premium Data supplies pre-defined groups as part of the service, AND you can create any number of your own simply by entering security codes into text files.

Imagine the extra time this will save you………..

Custom Folders are especially useful in conjunction with third-party software packages such as MetaStock™ that have screening or exploring facilities.

7. At last! Easy Folder Management

JB Premium Stock Market Price Data is organised into security types (equities, indices, warrants, options) and can be organised into custom folders which allow you to segregate them into, e.g:

  • Index participation
  • Sectors

  • Industry groups

  • Dividend-paying-shares etc.

Compare which stocks are in 'hot' and 'cold' sectors right now

Also, create your series of filtered Watch Lists and place them in folders provided with this program.

Then you will be able to quickly and easily see at a glance which ones pass your entry criteria today.

8. Top Movers 

Subscribers to ASX data can see a summary of the day's top movers (either on the hour or at the close of trading).

There are two categories of top movers - the top 20 in the S&P/ASX 100 and the top 20 for the entire market. 


9. Other Indicators

From April 2019, your data subscription also includes Market Breath indicators, Economic indicators & Implied Volatility values . E.g:  

A) Market Breadth

* Advancing Issues

*  Declining Issues

*  Unchanged Issues

* Advance/Decline Ratio

* Cumulative 52 Week New Highs-New Lows Line

* Stocks above Moving Average  (20, 50, 150, 200)

B) Economic:  E.g. Building Approvals,Inflation Rate, Gross Domestic Product, AU Unemployment Rate, RBA Cash Rate Target

C) Implied Volatilities for 60-70 leading ASX stocks  



10. Hourly Snapshots

For a nominal surcharge, subscribers to ASX data can order intraday Hourly snapshots for the Australian ASX share market between 11.20 am and 3.20 pm.

This is particularly useful, even for end-of-day traders, since you can perform your stock selection, scanning and filtering before the market has closed with the majority of the day's trading data.

Many users have commented that this provides them with far better trade timing -- rather than waiting for the following day's open.


11. Take your 3 WEEK Obligation Free Trial 

To help you test JB Premium Data, you are invited to a fully functional FREE Trial for USA and ASX Stock Markets.

This trial allows you to test a Free 6 month Trial data history for all of our markets plus three weeks of daily updates. 

Simply select which market(s) you wish to trial and you will be updating within a matter of minutes.

To begin your 3 week trial of JB Stock Price Data, including a trial of the Free Charting outlined in 2. above, then simply Click Here.




Here's How to Order Your JB Premium Stock Price Data

First , please note there are NO REFUNDS. Your purchase will be deemed as acceptance of this condition.

 To Order :

a) For any queries or to request other payment options (cheque/BPay etc), feel free to Contact Us 

b) Historical Data :  

1) If you are getting started you will also need to order historical data beyond the 6 months provided in the Free Trial.

For the ASX, 1992 is the furthest a history can go back and still be consistent with respect to the application of ASX "dilution factors" i.e. adjustments for capital reconstructions.

For USA, you can download historical data since 1985.


2) If you are switching from another Data Supplier and have already paid them for History data, then we will supply you Historical data  for JB Premium Data and waive the cost.


Simply Contact Us after you have ordered and advise us the name of the Data Supplier you are switching from . 


c) After you place your order , our Supplier will contact you within 1 -2 business days to arrange your access to JB Premium Data and your FREE charting program. If you have not appeared to receive an email within 3 days, please check your spam folder or Contact Us

d) If you have already have a User Name at Premium Data e.g as a past customer or have taken the Free Trial, please Contact Us to notify us of your User Name. 

e) Next, make your selections - Click on the USA and/or ASX buttons below to add to your cart: 


Please  NOTE:   JB Premium Charts and JB Premium Data are designed to run under Windows (Windows 2000 and above). However, you can run these programs on a Mac through the medium of Windows emulation software or a virtual machine (such as VMware).



USA Stock Data (12 months)
AUD$ 462 Add To Cart
USA Historical Data since 1985
AUD$ 275 Add To Cart
since 1985 (single payment)


ASX Stock Data (12 months)
AUD$ 396 Add To Cart
ASX Intraday Snapshots
AUD$ 67 Add To Cart
ASX Historical Data
AUD$ 198 Add To Cart
since 1992 (single payment)