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JB Premium Charts Data & History package

JB Premium Charts Data & History package

JB Premium Charts:
includes Data for the Australian or USA Markets

“If You Can Point And Click Your Mouse…
Then You Can Now Plug Into One Of The Easiest Charting Programs You Will Ever Use"

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This low cost, High Value JB Premium Charts Package comprises:

  • JB Premium Charts – your complete charting program, including Jim Berg's world famous JB Volatility Indicators
  • 1 Year Subscription to End of Day  JB Premium Data -  for your choice of USA or ASX Markets, PLUS
  • FREE Bonus – Historical Data (see below) 

                                   Jim Berg on Sky Business TV Interview 'Your Money, Your Call' 

Why listen to Jim Berg? Here are just a few of the reasons:

He has successfully traded for over 40 years, originally as a professional broker and now from home ........ Since 1996, he has taught thousands of traders and investors around the world to trade using his unique JB Volatility Indicators.

In the middle of the savage bear market of 2000-2003 he won the 'Personal Investor' magazine trading competition .............. In Brisbane, October 2007 he was billed at the ATAA 'Pathways to Trading Excellence' Conference as one of ".... 10 of the most respected Trading Professionals in the world"..... Jim Berg closed his portfolios in January 2008 ahead of the GFC and again in February 2020 ahead of the fast and extensive global falls due to Covid-19.

JB Premium Charts

For an independent software review of JB Premium Charts by 'Your Trading Edge' (YTE) Click Here


With JB Premium Charts, your charts will look like Jim Berg's. Use his world famous JB Volatility Indicators to help you better time your entries and exits in the stock market, with his:

JB Blue Bar Volatility Entry

JB Volatility Trailing Stops (for daily and weekly charts)

JB Profit Taker for locking in short term trading profits

Easily upload Watch Lists in notepad format. (E.g. as per Jim Berg's own 'JB Alert ' Watch Lists which he provides to Members of his weekly 'Investing & Online Trading Report' each week).

JB Premium Charts then automatically creates a folder for those Watch Lists and quickly opens up the charts of those stocks. .

Plus, with this powerfully effective and simple-to-use stock charting program, you will be able to simply:

  • Draw trend lines, support and resistance lines
  • Easily switch between daily and weekly charts
  • Plot these commonly used indicators:
  • Volume
  • Moving Average
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Parabolic SAR
  • Linear Regression Indicator
  • MACD Oscillator
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Stochastic Oscillator
  • Williams %R
  • Momentum Oscillator
  • Average True Range (ATR)
  • On Balance Volume (OBV)
  • Directional Movement

Please Note: JB Premium Charts and JB Premium Data only work on Windows. JB Premium Charts software will essentially work on any “full” version of Windows from Vista on, so it will run on laptops and tablets that run Win8 (incl the Surface Pro).

They will not run on the basic Surface tablet that runs WinRT (the cut-down version of Windows). Also, they will not work on phones or tablets, be they iPads, iPhones or Android devices.

However, you can run these programs on a Mac through the medium of Windows emulation software or a virtual machine (such as VMware). 


12 Months Subscription to  JB Premium Data 

  • Your choice of End of Day (EOD) JB Premium Data for  the USA or ASX Markets
  • JB Premium Data is provided by Norgate Investor Services who started out as a consulting firm to the futures industry in 1992 . After releasing their futures data service in 1999, Norgate has supplied quality and reliable stock market data since 2001.
  • This Data can be used with not only JB Premium Charts but ALSO MetaStock ™ (Ver. 6.52 to V11 and since V15 only*) & other MetaStock™/ Computrac format compatible programs, e.g.:
  • Advanced GET (MSFL option)
  • Omnitrader (ver. 4 and above)
  • SuperCharts
  • AmiBroker
  • Market Analyst
  • Wealth-Lab Developer
  • FChartsSE & FChartsPro
  • TradeStation 2000i (compatible with the ASX stock data, SGX stock data, Futures Data and Forex data but not the US stock data.( Contact us before ordering) 

 * Important notice for MetaStock™ users ...
Versions 12 -14  of the MetaStock™ charting program for end-of-day data could only read data from Reuters DataLink™.  Those Versions were unable  to read "Local Data" supplied by independent data vendors such as JB Premium Data. 

For all versions since  Version 15 ( released in Nov 2016 ),  MetaStock  will now read local data such as JB Premium Stock Price Data.



  • At last! Easy Folder Management

Stock data is organized into security types (equities, indices, warrants, options). You can organize them into custom folders & segregate them, e.g. into:

  • Index participation
  • Sectors
  • Industry groups
  • Dividend paying shares etc 
    E.g. Compare which stocks are in hot and cold sectors right now.

Choose From Either of These 2  Stock Charting Packages:

  1. JB Premium Charts for USA: includes End of Day Data (EOD) for these USA Stock Exchanges:
  • AMEX,
  • NYSE,
  • NASDAQ and
  • OTC-BB 
  1. JB Premium Charts for Australia:  includes EOD for the ASX, based in Sydney.

(USA Data is also available as an optional add-on to this package) 

" Low Cost, High Value Charting Software & Data Combined"

Elsewhere, other charting software suppliers will try to charge you a small fortune  for their charting program alone ...... and that’s before you pay even more for your data and history.

We don't believe you need to do that!

So here's what Jim Berg did.....

Anyone ordering JB Premium Data on its own usually receives a powerful stock charting program, free with this Data.  Jim decided to use that same  charting program, together with the relably accurate JB Premium Data as a central core to this package, then ADDED his own world famous JB Volatility Indicators .... and voila!

So now you have a low cost, High Value charting software & Data combined -all for a mere fraction of what you will have to pay somewhere else.


PLUS, if you already have an existing Metastock formula program such as Metastock, Amibroker, Bull Charts, Market Analyst, Trade Station etc. then you can ALSO use the JB Premium Data which comes with this JB Premium Charts package to feed that program too!

We believe in over delivering - so that you receive maximum value,  you also receive this ........


Your FREE Bonus with this JB Premium Charts package 



FREE Historical Data:

  • Last 10 years for USA Markets or
  • Last 10 years for ASX Market
  • This will allow you to back test your Trading Plan on your stock selections for 10 years of trading data.

Yours Free

Please Note: JB Premium Charts and JB Premium Data are designed to run under Windows (Windows 2000 and above). However, you can run these programs on a Mac through the medium of Windows emulation software or a virtual machine (such as VMware).

What You Get in Your Package and How to Order

Your JB Premium Charts package includes:

  1. JB Premium Charts with Jim Berg's Volatility Indicators and  
  2. Your choice of USA or Australian ASX Data and Free Historical Data.

You also have the choice of  either 6 or 12 months Data  - see below (renewal ASX data is AU$396 pa)


Here are 3 Easy Steps to order your JB Premium Charts Package now:


STEP 1) First , please note there are NO REFUNDS. Your purchase will be deemed as acceptance of this condition.

STEP 2) If you have already have a User Name for JB Premium Data e.g as a past customer or have taken the free trial, (below) please Contact Us .

STEP 3) Simply select your choice of Market, i.e USA and/or ASX Data, then click on the appropriate button(s) below.



If you have any queries, feel free to Contact Us.

Angela Atkinson



Still not sure? Then why not take a FREE 3 week trial of the JB Premium Data and Free charting program* The trial allows you to test the last 6 months of historical data for USA or ASX stock markets, plus 3 weeks of Free daily updates.

Choose which markets you wish to trial, then download them within a few minutes.  Click Now to Start Your 3 Week Trial. 

* (Please Note – The free trial does NOT include Jim Berg's  unique JB Volatility indicators .
    However they
ARE included  as part of the full version of JB Premium Charts which you can order below.) 

12 months JB Premium Charts USA

JB Premium Charts incl. 12 months USA Data & History
AUD$ 859 Add To Cart

12 months JB Premium Charts ASX

Jb Premium Charts and 12 months ASX Data & History
AUD$ 795 Add To Cart
12 months USA Data & History Add-on
AUD$ 560 Add To Cart

6 months JB Premium Charts

JB Premium Charts and 6 months ASX Data & History
AUD$ 399 Add To Cart
3 Easy Payments of AUD$ 133
Add To Cart
JB Premium Charts and 6 months USA Data & History
AUD$ 430 Add To Cart
3 Easy Payments of AUD$ 144
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