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Attention all new Beginner & Experienced Stock Traders and Investors

Are you

  • CONFUSED in the stock or share market - wondering WHICH Stocks to buy & WHEN?
  • Looking for an alternative to the 9 to 5 grind, so you can have more time for yourself and your family? Or
  • HAPPY with your job / business - and simply looking to increase your total income? Or
  • Fed up with your Fund Manager's performance & want to take control of your own money so at last YOU can be in the driver's seat of your financial future?

Stop searching - you are now on the right page.

Turn Off The Phone, Shut The Door, Tell Your Family You Don't Want to be Disturbed.

This Could Be The Most Important 5 Minutes of Your Life.....

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We've found the 3 biggest problems most traders and investors face are:

1, WHICH are the best Stocks to Buy right now?

2. WHEN to Buy Stocks, Shares & ETFs? and

3. When to SELL ?


Share Trading Education

They either:

  • Buy too late - just before prices fall, or
  • Sell too soon – leaving substantial profits 'on the table', or
  • Sell too late - wiping profits or at large losses, or

Don't sell at all - and live in hope !

Far too often, many do NOT have a Plan - to know when to exit at a profit or loss- so they FREEZE & see their hard earned capital wilt away ……

Share Trading Education

Improve Your Skills With Proven Strategies You Need -In One Convenient Weekly Report !

The Weekly Hands-on ‘Investing & Online Trading’ Report Gives You The KNOWLEDGE You Need to Survive & Thrive in Stock & Share Markets With Confidence

  • Profitable Strategies That REALLY Work
  • Tap into 60 Years of Combined Experience of Jim Berg & John Atkinson
  • Learn to DIY in Australian, USA & Other Markets
  • Market Views, Case Studies & Latest Watch Lists
  • Learn WHICH Stocks to Buy, WHEN to Buy And, More Importantly, When to SELL
  • For Beginners And Experienced Stock / Share Traders & Investors
Share Trading Education

7 Key Reasons Why Jim Berg
Can Help You

1. Expert guidance: from Jim Berg, ASX Presenter & Author of 'The Stock Trading Handbook' and 'Shares to Buy & When' with 40 years stock market experience

2. Protect your money: Jim Berg warned his Report members to ca$h up in Jan 2008 before the GFC - and again before the large stock market falls in March 2020

3. Proven low cost, High Value, hands-on trading & investing education - to help you solve your stock & share market problems faster .

4. Use Jim Berg’s profitable ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ Strategies & unique JB Volatility Indicators – for WHICH stocks to Buy & WHEN to Buy & Sell

5. You "Learn-by-Doing" step-by-step with Jim Berg's hands-on case studies & notional portfolio examples - all designed to help you quickly build your confidence and skills

6. Learn how to ‘Do-It-Yourself’ or follow our ‘done-for-you’ Signals Services*

7. Jim’s proven approach suits:

  • Beginners- wanting to get started confidently & wisely AND
  • Experienced Traders & Investors - looking to improve your skills & results

Jim Berg ‘Makes Hay While the Sun Shines’ – Then Switches to CA$H

Share Trading Education

In December 2007 Jim warned Members of the potential for a bear market or crash.

2 weeks later in January 2008 Jim closed this Report’s notional portfolio - and stayed 100% in ca$h until June 2009 ... completely avoiding the GFC bear market.

Share Trading Education

Again, for Members of this Report, on 1 February. 2020:

  • Jim cautioned Members re ‘Dangerous’ volatility’ due to the early spread of Coronavirus, with no more Entry Signals until further notice
  • We advised Members in advance of the conditions we would exit the market.
Jim’s Australian Trading Signals were exited on 3 Feb 2020 and his Investing Signals exited on 27 Feb – BEFORE the March falls. Those Members who followed Jim’s lead in 2007 & 2020:

Did NOT lose millions of dollars between them and

AVOIDED the emotional pain from large losses.

`* The past performance of (STE) products is not and should not be taken as an indication of future performance. Caution should be exercised in assessing past performance. STE’s service, like all other financial services, is subject to market forces and unpredictable events that may adversely affect its future performance.


Share Trading Education
1. Case Studies

Our Case Studies featured in this Report are designed to help you improve your stock market education - as they are real-life examples.

They are NOT what we ‘would have done’, ‘could have done’ or ‘should have done’.

Rather, our Case Studies are very relevant and valuable as they show you exactly what we did do and what we are doing now –e.g. in our Signals’ Services (and notional Report Portfolio when open) -- to successfully profit in today’s volatile market.

Through our Case Studies, our aim is for you to learn how we manage the many stock market variables by using:

  • Jim Berg’s traditional trend-following approach and/or
  • John Atkinsons’ News-based Trading Plan - which we have progressively developed, tested and proven in this Report.

Since we launched Edition 1 in 2005, we have always been completely honest and transparent.

We do not report only the trades that go in our favour. Rather, we show ‘the good, the bad AND the ugly’……

so you can follow our latest real life examples and learn - step-by-step -HOW to:

  • Create a disciplined Investing & Trading Plan with proven Rules - using Jim Berg’s own Plan as your Guide to start
  • Filter watch lists of Stocks to find WHICH stocks to Buy
  • Time WHEN to Buy and – more importantly when to SELL
  • Manage each notional position – from Entry to Exit
  • Minimise Losses and either:
  • Set profit targets to grab quick profits and/or
  • ‘ Let Profits run’

We also show WHY we selected the notional trades and exactly how we managed them - from start to finish.

This provides you with the opportunity to learn from our combined experience -- of now 60 years in the market.

2. Market View

Each week you’ll read the latest views on the Australian and USA stock markets from key market participants:

  • Jim Berg
  • Daryl Guppy, CEO of Guppytraders and
  • Dr Shane Oliver, AMP Capital’s Head of Investment Strategy & Chief Economist
Share Trading Education
3. Watch Lists

As a Member, you ALSO receive Jim’s Berg’s 6 WATCH LISTS of stocks to watch over the next 2 weeks – for the:

  • USA stock market (S&P 500 and Nasdaq )
  • Australian share market (ASX300) and


  • Our special Australian ‘Strongest Swimmers’ Watch List, compiled and updated weekly since March 2020

This is NOT “dump a bunch of info on you and wish you all the best”.

We have intentionally designed this learning experience for you - to help you shortcut the process.

When you apply the strategies we outline in the program, you’ll have more breathing room in your life, less stress and a lot more time for the people and things that matter.


Here are Some FAQs to Help You:

Absolutely NOT. Everything we teach in our weekly Report is based on ‘End-of-Day, End-of-Week or End of-Month’ prices – so you can live your life by day away from your computer, then make your Buy, Hold or Sell decisions after the market closes.



As a BEGINNER, follow our proven strategies step-by step to get started wisely and to build your confidence. Go at your own pace.

If you are already an EXPERIENCED trader or investor, then take the same information and use it to help you improve your current performance.

We recommend all our Members keep their funds out of the market until they have studied our strategies, tested and measured ‘on paper’ – historically first, then in real time and proved to themselves that they can do it too.

No - we deliberately created our weekly hands-on ‘Investing & Online Trading’ stock market Report so you DON’T need to be a ‘geek’! Just login and you’ll be taken to the Members’ area for you to download your latest copy and start reading!

There are NO long term lock-in contracts or commitments. You can use the Report month to month - and cancel at any time you'd like!

Yes! We have a first class support team who can answer your questions within 1 business day – often within minutes! Just click on the Contact Us link on the bottom of any of our webpages or go to

No. We are unlike other sites which, when you cancel your account, you are often locked out instantly.

Here, you have access to your weekly Report until the end of your current renewal period.

Our Report is designed to help you learn how to trade and invest using Jim Berg’s trend-following strategies and John Atkinson’s news-based trading approach for more volatile markets.

If you like what you read and want to do it yourself then at some stage we suggest you’ll need a charting program with stock price data with Jim Berg’s world famous JB Volatility Indicators installed. E.g. Amibroker, Bullcharts, IC Investor, Market Analyst, Metastock, etc.

At this site we offer subscriptions to JB Premium Charts and Data which Jim and John use themselves and for their Case Studies featured each week in this Report.

6 months access to JB Premium Charts and Data is also automatically included as part of Jim Berg’s 12 week MasterClass.

We have taught thousands of Traders and Investors just like you with our weekly Report since 2005. Some have used it to add to their income, while others have gone on to trade for a living.

Think of it as your weekly ‘drip feed’ of education from Jim and John, with our and others’ Views on the Australian and USA markets, real Case Studies on how to trade and invest in the current market and Jim’s latest Watch Lists for Australia and USA stock and share markets.

However, if you would like to speed up your learning process, then Jim’s MasterClass includes the next 3 months of our Report, 12 weekly Eclasses, videos, 3 months Email support, 6 months JB Premium Charts and Data and more – all designed to help you learn how to trade and invest confidently in the market with Jim Berg’s Expert Help.

There is no commitment to complete any exercises - so go at your own speed. In addition, as long as you remain a Member you will have access to the MasterClass materials to go over as many times as you like.

Membership of Jim’s MasterClass includes 3 months access to our weekly flagship Report. Afterwards, your membership will continue for A$49/month and again there is no lock-in contract, so you can cancel at any time before or after.

At the end of 6 months our supplier will email you to invite you to renew your stock price data (no obligation).

If you have no time (or interest) to learn, then our ‘Done-For-You’ Signals Service) for the Australian market could be the perfect fit for you.*

Each night, we do all the complex analysis for you and send you Entry Signals when they occur, including our suggested maximum entry price, stop Loss and, for trading, profit targets.

We track all ‘open’ positions for you until they trigger an Exit Signal – then notify you ready for an Exit the next day.

You also do not have to learn how to use charts and other tools as the Signals are literally ‘Done-for-You’*.

(Some Members join the Report AND our Signals – to help maximise their education.)

(* This is NOT a Managed Discretionary Account service)

The quickest and easiest way to find that out is to sign up for your 7 Day Trial of our Flagship ‘Investing & Online Trading Report’

Just a few seconds from now you can read the latest complete Edition -- and we’ll send you next week’s Edition too.

Judge for yourself how well Jim's common sense approach suits you, your lifestyle and your aspirations.

Then, in 1 weeks’ time, for only A$47/m you will be given access to the Report Members Library with your:

  • Weekly access to our hands-on mentoring-style Report
  • Welcome & Member Benefits Guide
  • Jim’s 6 latest Watch Lists,
  • * Report Archive of the last 2 months to help bring you up to speed ($98 Bonus value) and your copy of our valuable
  • * Guide ‘How to Write Your Own Trading & Investing Plan’ (another $198 Bonus value).

No problems. At any time during or after your Trial, simply login to your account, click on your account settings and click "cancel my account".

No need to call, email, or talk to anyone!

Your financial independence is at the heart of everything we teach, so if you have any queries feel free to click to Contact Us.

  • Profitable Strategies that really Work
  • Tap Into 60 Years of Combined Experience
  • Learn To DIY in Australian, USA & Other Markets
  • Market Views, Case Studies & Latest Watch List
  • Learn Which Stock to Buy, WHEN to Buy & Sell
  • For Beginners & Experienced Traders & Investors

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Share Trading Education

" Your knowledge and ability to get us out at the appropriate times is uncanny."

Hi Jim and John & the team at STE,

Your knowledge and ability to get us out at the appropriate times is uncanny.

Because of  your 'Investing & Online Trading Report.' I did go to cash with most of my money. So a huge thanks!

Going solo is a necessity to hone and develop ones skills, but staying within a community of like-minded professionals allows one to utilize their knowledge and enhance your learning to become a better trader and investor. 

Many thanks

Adrian Tench,
Private Investor, Rivervale, WA , March 2020

Share Trading Education

" I Protected My Super and Self-Managed 'Trading for Income' Portfolios from Covid-19 Impact by Going to Ca$h "

John and Jim.

A vote of thanks to you both for the education and confidence that
comes from's program and the value of your weekly letter.

I'm 63 so can ill afford a significant loss in my net value at this point. 

The Good News -- I protected my Super and self-managed 'Trading For Income' Portfolios from Covid-19 impact by going to ca$h on 26 February 2020,  so I've learnt:

1. To Make decisive decisions and take responsibility for those

2.  Step in to go to ca$h when it's right, have the confidence based on
'Weight-of-Evidence'  reference points to act  - your examples of early intervention thru the notional portfolio training since the GFC have given me a point of reference and confidence

3.   Clearly the big institutions remain hands off so one must have a level of control

4.  Align with those that have integrity and decency - your offer some years back to bring me back into the fold is not forgotten and had a lasting impact on me after some tough times for me.

Now strange times indeed with a lot of white water -- during which however your 'Investing & Online Trading Report' remians a constant to me  so again thanks!

Col Briody,
Private Investor & Trader, Townsville, QLD May 2020

Share Trading Education

" Thanks again for such an educational newsletter and congratulations on your 800th Edition! "

Hi John and Jim,

I find your weekly Report, including Shane Oliver’s weekly updates, as good politically as it is financial.

There is so much ‘bogus news’ over here in America, so it’s refreshing to read your weekly Report.

You produce  a wonderful informative product and I always enjoy it each week.

Thanks again for such an educational newsletter and congratulations on your 800th Edition! 

Bill Post Brooks,
Private Investor, Los Angeles, USA, November 2020