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Our aim is to provide you with the best low cost, high value, stock & share trading and investing education in the marketplace.

Scroll down to view 7 Video free podcasts below. These will help you install & set up the FREE stock charting program which comes with JB Premium Data. They should also be of help to new & existing users of JB Premium Charts.  

First, if you have not yet registered for your 3 week Free Trial of JB Premium Data and its FREE Stock Charting Program,

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PLEASE NOTE re your Free 3 Week Trial:

1) Jim Berg's Volatility Indicators are NOT included as part of the 3 week trial. They are provided only in the full version of JB Premium Charts. All the other indicators are included, so this sample program will allow you to trial how simple it is to use. 

2) If you are already a user/subscriber to JB Premium Data and you want to trial another market (e.g USA data or ASX), do so under your existing account - otherwise you'll have two username/password sets. If you have already trialled a service, and want to run a second trial, send a request for it to be enabled. Multiple trials under multipe accounts are not permitted.

3) The Free Charts and JB Premium Data are designed to run under Windows (Windows 2000 and above). However, you can run these programs on a Mac through the medium of Windows emulation software or a virtual machine (such as VMware).

4) To get the most out of your FREE trial, take the time now to play these 7 Video  Podcasts - simply click on the arrows  below. (Please Note - there are up to 5 seconds delay before the start of each commentary).

Save this webpage as one of your 'Favorites'. Come back later to view these stock market video podcasts again and again. Then hone your skills in using this free charting program, through repetition and practice.

For more Info. on how to use Jim Berg's Volatility Indicators, we invite you to join our :

#1) Weekly 'Investing & Online Trading Report' (est. 2005), or

#2) Jim Berg's 12 Week MasterClass or 

# 3) Jim's complete Signature Home Study Course 

(#2 and #3 above INCLUDE 6 and 12 months respectively  of JB Premium Charts, data, history and Jim's Volatility Indicators)

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