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Happy 900th Edition

To all our readers!

Happy 900th Edition

Happy 900th !

Today marks the  900th Edition of our weekly  'Investing and Online Trading Report', here at

Nine hundred weeks of sharing with you, not only profitable trading strategies that really work, but also many warnings on how to avoid the pitfalls of the market – all designed to help you reduce your losses and improve your profitability in the market.

This has been a journey that we as a team at have enjoyed greatly for over 17 years, since July 2005.

We thank you for your support and trust that you have gained many skills to either start in the market or to improve your current performance. In particular, we take this opportunity to thank:

  • The ‘pioneering’ Members who joined us completely on faith in early 2005, BEFORE we had even launched - many of whom are still with us today
  • All the Members who have joined us since and provided your positive testimonials, feedback, questions and constructive suggestions – many of which have been the basis of our on-going quest for continual improvement. Please continue to Contact Us to keep them coming!
  • All the other contributors to our newsletter over the years, including Dr Shane Oliver, Daryl Guppy, Alan Hull, Dr, Alexander Elder, Zdenko Simonic (CEO of SuperEasy), Dr Brett Steenbarger, and many others.

This has certainly been a journey which we have enjoyed greatly.

In turn, we trust that you have learnt and developed some new skills to either start in the market or to improve your current performance.

To make this celebration really out of the ordinary, today we announce a very special 900th Edition offer: 

 900th Celebration Offer:  Extended Email Support

Jim Berg’s Home Study Course comprises:

  • Several hours of Jim and John videos, recorded ‘live’ at our last Trading Academy, together with templates and other tools provided at that weekend workshop
  • Jim’s Home Study Course Manual and supplementary instructional files

and is available in
3 formats:

1. For Users of MetaStock

2. For users of JB Premium Charts and other charting programs

3. Also Jim’s Ultimate JB Combo Signature System which combines:
 i) Format 2) above and

ii) JB Premium Charts (which includes Jim’s Volatility Indicators), plus
History data, as well as the next 12 months of ASX or USA data

All 3 formats of Jim’s Course are available as 1 or 6 easy payments and usually include 3 month’s email support.

As part of our 900th Celebration, order this month and you will receive 6 MONTHS email support directly from Jim Berg and John Atkinson.

If there's anything you do not understand in Jim's Home Study Course, then you will have a full 6 months to simply email us with your queries, so we can help you solve your trading and investing problems.

Your financial independence is at the heart of everything we teach, so feel free Contact Us if you have any queries.

We thank you again for your continued support and assistance and look forward to helping you further in the months and years ahead.

May you trade and invest with 'Weight-of-Evidence'.

Kind regards,

John Atkinson and Jim Berg,
Editors of the 'Investing & Online Trading' Report since 2005



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