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Answers to Your Questions

Welcome to

Our aim is to help you learn how to become a confident trader or investor in the share / stock market in 12 weeks.

We've recently had a few important questions, so thought we'd answer them fully here for the benefit of everyone.


 Q1 What’s the difference between your mentoring-style Report and Signals Services? 

A1. Since July 2005, our weekly Investing & Online Trading Report  aims to teach you ‘how-to-DIY’ – in the Australian, USA and other stock markets.

 Our ‘Done-for-You’ Signals Services* (see Q2 below) provide you with suggested Entry and Exit prices for the Australian share and ETF markets.

Q2. Can you provide an overview of your Australian Signals Services and how much are they separately


A2. Here's a quick summary:

  1.    Jim Berg's trend-following INVESTING Signals - Entries based on his 'New Regime' Entry Criteria. Jim’s aim is for investors to 'let profits run’ so we monitor  them primarily using weekly charts

As at last Friday's Close (25 June), 11 notional positions were open since March 2021 of which:

  • 1 in small (-1.8% open loss) & 10 in open profit
  • 2 positions made new weekly Highs last week and
  • 4 positions in open profit greater than +20.0% and now up to +31.7%  (Investing Signals $97/month)


2.  Jim Berg's Trend-following TRADING Signals - Entries are usually the same as 1. above, then monitored by us with daily charts. The aim is for short term traders to grab quick profits, usually within a few weeks

As at last Friday's Close:

  • 12 notional positions opened since March 2021 of which
  • 11 have been exited, with only 1 in loss and 10 profitable (i.e. a 90% success rate) - of which
  •  9 have achieved  Jim's Profit Targets


3.Our news-based TRADING Signals - introduced in 2020 to help traders generate cashflow in volatile markets    Currently 2 positions open close to entry price and 2 others in open profits of +13.2% and +25.3%

 Previously, these Trading Signals were $127/m each - currently Trading Signals receive BOTH sets for $127/m



4.  Our notional Super 10 ETF PORTFOLIOS - ETFs can be bought and sold in a similar way to Australian shares, with the aim of less volatility as they are each designed to represent 'baskets' of stocks.

 Every week we monitor the prices and adjust Stops for 10 Australian Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in rising trends and which represent Indices from around the world.  

 We also provide updated entry prices for those new Investors who join now.

 Originally we tracked a 'Medium Term ETF Investing Portfolio only, monitored mainly with weekly charts - for $87/m

 In addition, ETF Signals Members now also receive a 'Long Term ETF Investing Portfolio' which we monitor each week, mainly with monthly charts and at no extra cost

As at last Friday's Close (25 June):

  •  ALL ETFs in these 2 notional Super 10 Portfolios were in open profit and, allowing for a few exited ETFs in recent months
  • Both notional Portfolios are now full and  in open profit of more than 9% overall in less than 6 months.


Q3$197.00 per month for Combined Signals. Does that discounted rate continue after the first  month?

A3: Yes that is absolutely correct.

 Click on the links above to join our Trading, Investing or ETF Signals Services

Separately, based on previous subscription rates they have a total value of $525/m.

 However join our Combined Signals Package today and you receive ALL 5 sets of Signals for only $197/m  

I.e. you $ave $328/m - for as long as you choose to remain a Member

Q4. What happens if it’s not for me ?

 A4. There are no lock-in contracts - so you can easily cancel at any time.


We look forward to welcoming you as a new or returning Member

Meanwhile, if you have any other questions feel free to Contact Us.


Dedicated to your success,


John Atkinson and Jim Berg


P.S We rely on ‘Word-of-Mouth’ to keep our (and in turn your) costs low - so please let your friends, family and colleagues know about us. Thank you!


* This is not an automated Managed Discretionary Account Service)